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June 18
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You were about to sit down when you felt a soft breeze. Your brain worked quick, but your body wasn't fast enough. One second the chair was there, on the next it was gone. You tried to react, but to no avail since you ended up on the floor.

"Pietro!" You yelled when the laughter began. Luckily there weren't many people watching your misfortune, only Kitty, Bobby and Kurt were on the same room as you. "I'll kill that bastard!"

"Don't get so worked up because of it." Bobby said, leaning to help you to stand, but yelping and jumping up before you could reach his hand. Quicksilver had just pulled his boxers up.

Kitty and Kurt had another fit of laughter. You giggled soflty, getting up by yourself. Bobby glared at his surroundings obviously searching for the silver haired boy who had just pranked him.

"Don't get so worked up because of it." You mimicked his tone, smirking.

"Oh, God! Stop it!" Kitty pleaded, holding her own stomach in an attempt to stop the ache of laughing so much. You rolled your eyes and leaned next to Bobby.

"Now he will pull Kurt's tail, making him fall and then he will steal Kitty's cellphone." You whispered, holding up three finger and bending one of them at each second that passed. Exactly when you lowered the third finger you heard Kurt gasping and them falling from his chair. You chuckled and re-started counting. "1...2... 3."

Her cellphone was gone.

"Where's my phone?" Kitty shouted.

Without looking, you pointed to the door as an answer to her question. Everyone else's eyes flew to where you pointed. Pietro stood there, holding the device up with an evil smirk plastered on his face.

"Give it back, now!" She ordered angrily.

"You'll have to take it from me." Quicksilver incited the poor girl, who, sadly, fell right into his trap, running for it. What a terrible mistake to run after the fastest boy on Earth. You sighed and closed your eyes, hearing the loud thud of her body hitting the ground.

"How did you know?" Bobby questioned, frowning. You shrugged.

"It's what I would do if I had the same mutation. He must get bored easily."

You helped Kitty up and smiled at her scowl.

"Don't worry. I'll get your phone back." You promised her. She grunted, folding her arms and sitting next to recently recovered Kurt on the couch. You flopped on the chair you initially planned sitting on, pulling your notebook out of your backpack and propping your feet on the coffee table. "Pietro!" You yelled, foiling through the pages of the notebook.

You didn't even flinch when his face appeared only a few inches from yours, already expecting him to try to startle you. You kept your face steady, though your heart started pounding in your chest due to his proximity.

You lifted your hand, showing him your palm, your eyes never leaving the words written on the paper. "The cellphone." You said with monotonous voice.

"What do we say?"

You smiled softly, fighting the urge to look into his eyes (you know you'd show weakness if you did that). "Please?"

Pietro grinned and you felt the device being placed on your hand and, just like that, he ran away.

Kurt huffed. You looked up and saw he was standing right next to were Quicksilver was. He probably had tried to give him some sort of payback. You rolled your eyes.

"Almost got him!" Kurt said.

"No, you didn't." You sang sweetly, returning the focus to your notebook.

"Yes, I did."

"Uh-uh. He knew you would try something."

"And how do you know that?" Kurt asked suspiciously.

"Everyone tries something when Pietro does this kind of thing." You explained, frowning upon a sentence that made no sense between your notes. "I don't recall Ororo saying that..." You muttered to yourself. There was an important exam in a few days and, being the nerd you were, you were studying.

"We should prank him back." Bobby propounded. You raised a brow, glancing at him and smirked.

"You think you can do it?" You asked.

"Yup. All I need is your help."

"My help?"

"You're the only one he listens to." Kurt pointed.

"You understands how he thinks."

"Plus, your power would be really useful." Kitty added, smiling with the idea.

You grimaced, recording last time you used your powers. The result was a bunch of confused mutants wandering through the messed mansion. You could alter reality, creating a sort of illusion only you could see through, but if not controlled you could really mess things up.

"That's not a good idea." You mumbled.

"You got distracted, it wasn't your fault. I'm sure you can work it out."

You sighed. "No, thanks. I'm not interested."

"C'mon, (y/n). Wouldn't you like some revenge?"

"Nope, I'm the justice over revenge type of girl."

"If you really think about it it is justice. Karma, actually." Kurt stated.

"I triple-dog-dare you." Kitty said, pushing you buttons. She knew how much you hated being called coward. You growled, shutting the notebook and shoving it in the backpack.

"Fine. I'm in." You agreed angrily. Bobby smiled at Kitty. "Be here tomorrow after class." You ordered, getting up and leaving to the dorm.

 ~ Time skip brought to you by Professor X and his amazing telephatic abilities ~

Kurt had placed the coffee table next to the room entrance and Bobby made an ice path that came from right after the table to the other side of the room where Kitty and Kurt stood patiently.

"It's all set. Your turn, (y/n)." Bobby announced. You were shaking with the anxiety. Taking a deep breath, you focused on changing the room around you.

First you placed the coffee table on the right place, then you erased the ice, Kurt, Kitty and yourself and, finally, you created a copy of you sitting on the couch. You looked at the result and smiled. It was a pretty good illusion.

"Wow. How did you move so quick to the couch?" Bobby asked.

"I didn't. It's just a illusion of me." You answered, surprising him with the proximity of your voice, he tried to find you, but he simply couldn't see you. "Now, you go and wait on the other room."

Bobby nodded. "This will be fun." 

You smirked. "Yes, it will."

He did as you say and you sent a text to the target.

Meet me @ the living room. K?

He replied almost immediately.

"Now." You said, right in time.

You didn't see anything, only heard the usual rush of air and felt the breeze. You heard his curse when he tripped over the table and saw a blur of silver as he slid down the ice path, hitting the wall.

Before he could recover, Kitty grabbed his legs used her mutation to pull him down on the floor, locking him there when she let go of him. Pietro looked confused and frustrated when he realized he couldn't move his legs.

Kurt grabbed the pie and transported himself so he was standing right in front of Quicksilver and threw it at his face. Pietro stop moving.

"What the hell?!"

You dismissed the illusion, making the reality to be seen. He rubbed the frosting out of his face and looked around. Bobby entered the room laughing and took a picture. Kitty and Kurt joined his laughter and you only looked at Pietro feeling slightly guilty. He glared at the four of you.

"You've just been beaten!" Bobby happily announced. You rolled your eyes.

"Kitty. Take him out of there." You half commanded, half asked for it. She nodded.

"Sure. We have a pic to laugh about."

She pulled him up and you grabbed his arms before he ran off.

Kurt, Bobby and Kitty left, still laughing.

"Sorry about that, but you gotta admit you kinda deserved it." You said.

He huffed, refusing to look at you. You took some of the remaining frosting from his face with your forefinger and put it in your mouth. Pietro looked surprised. You grinned.

"Will you forgive me?" You asked hopefully.

"With one condition..."

"And that would be?"

He grabbed the pot where some pie still remained and smacked it on your face. You scowled, closing your eyes. And then you felt his lips on yours.

You risked peeking, opening one eyelid and smiled when you saw he was kissing you. He bit your lower lip, asking for entrance, which you happily gave and you two shared a sweet kiss.

"Now we're even." Pietro stated.

 ~ Bonus ending ~

You sat on his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck, smirking at your friends.

"You seriously will just let us do all the cleaning?" Kurt asked, drying the floor where the ice had melted.

"It was your plan, you should be helping us!" Kitty said, rubbing the frosting from the wooden tile.

"You dared me, I had no other choice." You explained, watching as your friends cleaned the mess. "Revenge is best served cold." You quoted and Pietro chuckled, holding you close and kissing your cheek.

"Karma is a bitch and doesn't always work as expected." Bobby muttered, helping Kurt. You laughed, leaning your head on Pietro's shoulder.
I have nothing to say about this. I know it doesnt make much sense, since Kitty, Kurt and Bobby are not the same age as Pietro, but... let's just pretend they are, ok?

Just leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Quicksilver, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Iceman belong to Marvel
Story is mine
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